Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Cycle Bag - Carradice SQR Tour

Finally got fed up with using a back pack on the bike. My old bike had panniers, but I did not want to fit them to my current bike, so have been using a back pack. Although it was a good bag, it meant that my back was always hot and, err, sticky!

So I looked around for an alternative, and this is what I found. It is from a company called Carradice. This model is the SQR Tour. It is of solid construction. It is easy to fit to the bike and can hold sixteen litres of my junk.

A couple of advantages are that I can put tools and spare tubes in the side pockets so that I don't have to rummage through my clean clothes to find them when required. It also includes a plastic strip to act as a mud guard. Finally, there is a mounting position for the rear light on the bag. Next winter, when I get to work, I will only have to collect the front light from the bike when I lock it up. Small point, but they all add up.

After one week, I am really happy. Lets hope it holds up!